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Note on pronunciation : The «ie» try pronounced like English «ee», in contrast to English «eye»

Note on pronunciation : The «ie» try pronounced like English «ee», in contrast to English «eye»

Unexpected musings, Geistesblitze, images, paintings etc. by a «resident alien», that landed on US soil from a far-away environment called «Germany».

Word-of the period: Liebeskummer

A variety of Liebe (adore) and Kummer (sadness, sorrow) that refers to the mindset of men and women whoever romantic life isn’t supposed well, particularly the sorrow sensed by jilted lovers.

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Hi Ulrich, i do believe this is certainly a great keyword, and I can not contemplate a similar in English. although previously or some other, all, or perhaps more, people have necessary to utilize it. What’s the publication in regards to? I favor the christian cupid title.

The succinct concept of guide, Moselfahrt aus Liebeskummer, is tough to convert gracefully–the exact meaning is «Moselle lake travels because of Liebeskummer». It is a novella, printed in the 30s, describing a trip along as well as on the Mosel (Moselle) river during which the narrator attempts to mastered his Liebeskummer. It includes warm information of the lake, the communities that range they, additionally the individuals who build wine there–I lived-in one of these simple communities once I went along to elementary college.

Upon rereading passages of it, however, i need to admit your concept could very well be the best part in the guide!

«The Germans need to have a phrase for this. Doppelgedanken, possibly: the feeling, when reading, your very own mind is having a baby with the terms as they show up on the web page. These may be the ego that throughout these unusual cases your ponder, a€?just how could mcdougal have understood everything I ended up being thinking?a€?

I do believe the offer implies that the reviewer companies exacltly what the blog site provides over and over repeatedly shown, the Germans are masters at coming up with keywords that precisely decide claims of head. Liebeskummer is actually another example.

: Thx for pointing this overview . We retrieved the review from your heap of tabloids are recycled (I had misied they the other day).

The price, generated a lot more persuasive b/c it’s the opening paragraph regarding the assessment, verifies, whenever state, that it’s easy to coin new words immediately in German by hitching with each other two separate terms (often nouns, yet not necessarily thus). Doppelgedanke try an example–I’ve never seen it in German, but Germans would comprehend it in perspective in which it really is granted, given they obtain the allusion towards the well-established DoppelgA¤nger.

I’m furthermore, without a doubt, definitely taken because of the ‘official’ acknowledgment within this capacity for German for the section and amazed the reviewer thinks like that, that she finds it–apparently–convenient, some times, to ‘think in German’.

It really inspires us to carry on with my word-of-the-month threads. But I additionally desire to claim that English supplies coinages with no equal in German, and I also may establish a thread soon dealing with this complementary topic.

Which is an appealing topic, the English coinages having no real similar in German. I wonder for a moment find in English–and perhaps you will–the type of statement I’ve found therefore delightful in German, those compounds highlighting, really correctly, a specific mindset. Not every one of the German instances have inked that but several have and I also including all of them better than their particular English alternatives, or even equivalents, for instance, Fraidy cat versus Angsthase. I really do hope you’ll continue with your terms from the period. I must say I take pleasure in all of them.

The standard types of English expressions w/o genuine counterpart in German were «reasonable play» and «common sense»–they were used that way in German well before the current tsunami of English statement began to strike German, which includes phrase which is why there’s no necessity whatsoever, like «game», whose connotations are in not a way not the same as that of German Spiel. In teenager speak, on the web, advertising an such like German comes up now as a combination of German and English. I will be, in fact, enthusiastic about seeing how this will pan call at the end–i.e. if this will blow more than as a fad or has a long-lasting impact on German, e.g. dramatically enrich the vocabulary. My imagine could be the second may happen.

The upshot is when i wish to begin a bond on English conditions without genuine cognates in German, the specific situation is manufactured more difficult from this state of affairs. In any case, i am starting a webpage in which I collect candidate phrases–I require truly a lot more than «reasonable enjoy» and «wise practice».

Stunning keyword, Liebeskummer, and there’s a Dutch equal, liefdesverdriet. It really is amazing that there surely is no English keyword because of it. It occurs occasionally that I’m trying to convert an English expression into Dutch, there simply isn’t any proper phrase. I am going to make sure to inform you, Ulrich.

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