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Classification: Brown Love and Dating. Matchmaking Staying Pasifika: Shenei Meisi Penaia

Classification: Brown Love and Dating. Matchmaking Staying Pasifika: Shenei Meisi Penaia

I need to confess, i believe I’ve receive my personal newest stating using this feature. “If the guy ain’t brown, we ain’t lower.” I chuckled some whenever I see that. I’m very happy to simply help display the a number of Shenei Meisi Penaia’s facts along with you!

Relationships Being Pasifika: Rya Owo

Everything I love about relationship Being Pasifika is the many point of views which come through from our area. I’m very happy to promote the insights of Rya Owo!

Pasifika Prefer Stories: J and Fia

If there was clearly an admiration tale that should be changed to a movie, it will be that one. The tutorial of fancy and determination is totally stunning. Here’s the amazing story of J and Fia.

Dating Becoming Pasifika: Brandon Raeli

Here is the first time drinking Koko has a male’s point of view with regards to relationships Being Pasifika! I’m thus thankful for Brandon Raeli (Samoan/Tokelauean/English/Scottish) display his mind. Without more ado, the following is his story!

Pasifika Adore Storie: DeeJay and Neens

This like facts is the one that I’m excited for y’all to read through! Please see DeeJay and Uini aka Neens. They are together for 10+ decades and the following is there their unique facts:

What’s The Really Love Tale?

I’m Samoan and my wife was Tongan. Tokouso for the fullest! Been around alike audience but never ran into one another until college. We met thru FB. Met up September 2010, partnered June 2014 and 3kids after we’re nevertheless growing along. Our very own really love might on a rollercoaster from the beginning. Rely on problems, family problems, postpartum, and much more. But I would personallyn’t have inked they with other people.

Relationship Becoming Pasifika: LettiAnne Lologo

I’m excited for y’all to fulfill affair video chat LettiAnne! Here’s slightly about her. She’s a proud descendant of incredible mothers from America and Western Samoa, that values her religion in Jesus, 1 of 7 kiddies, proud aunty to my gorgeous 15 nephews/neices. Stays in l . a ., CA (west west) , Music fanatic , Foodie and an adventurous enneagram 2 lol.

Repost: Polynesian Boys, White Women, Matchmaking… OH MY!

Originally uploaded November 29, 2019

I’m likely to be stepping on some toes right here creating this website. That is a subject that contains come to my attention through my own personal encounters, exactly what I’ve observed online and other channel. Which is why I felt the need to write on it. So why do Polynesian people like white babes over Polynesian lady? See I’m perhaps not stating Samoan guys versus Samoan people or Fijian people versus Fijian women because I’m sure what the arguments are there. “She maybe my relative,” “we can’t manage the heritage anymore,” (which by-the-way try a LAME justification should you inquire myself. The culture component defs perhaps not the cousin parts. do not date the cousin everyone.), along with other excuses. That’s precisely why I’m claiming Polynesian people versus Polynesian females as it’s across-the-board. Used to do my “informal” research. So, let’s dive in.

Relationship Being Pasifika

Well we thought since I’m single as a Pringle, i will defs be involved in my own personal series about becoming solitary! Very here goes…

Slightly Concerning Woman Behind Sipping Koko

I’m a 27 yr old (this can obviously never be evergreen lol) promotion management just hanging out in good ole Nashville, TN. I’ven’t have much luck crazy for a myriad causes, it sure isn’t from deficiencies in trying. I was raised in a medium size town inside the Southern United States Of America, and even though I was a lot more centered on school work and my profession, I got usually developed looking for “the great guy.”

Relationships Being Pasifika: Reina Pahulu

Somewhat about Reina Pahulu

Reina Kapiolani Pahulu was a first generation Tongan-American Leiti, aka Transgender girl depending on western standards. Her pronouns were she, the lady, & hers. Reina is a local poet & society coordinator in the wonderful Beehive State (Utah) and it is most excited about creating discussion, changes, & space in regards to our Pasifika men and women to thrive.

What is your best companion?

Some one unafraid to desired but more to the point ready to cause them to become come true, could make me personally have a good laugh with only a peek, is able to create me feeling secure regardless of where we have been, and certainly will make a decent dish. Is really patient, open to development but company inside the beliefs as one.

Pasifika Appreciation Things: Ashley and Jack

Twelfth Grade Sweethearts

Jack and I met in senior high school, in 2009. Jack had been 15 and that I was 16 (cougar, I’m sure ). Jack and I also had many friends in accordance, therefore I always knew of a boy called Jack with dreadlocks, before we formally fulfilled.

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